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Welcome to Cairns Custom Trophies, we are located in Edmonton south of Cairns, servicing the Cairns area with free delivery and other locations we will freight them to you at an additional cost.

We look forward to helping you to accommodate all your trophy and presentation needs.

If you are looking for something traditional or unique please don't hesitate  to contact us to see what we can come up with to make your celebration/ event a memorable one. We will help you think outside the box and create something individual Just for You!

Cairns International Speedway 2018


We were pleased to provided the Cairns International Speedway for the Queensland Modified Production Title held in Cairns

June 2018


Custom Trophies

Sample of a Custom Centre

Here is a one example of a custom centre, no minimum number or extra charge to a standard centre

The trophies that we happily provided to the Cairns North Tigers AFL for their annual presentation night.

December 2018

North Cairns Tigers